Combo Fishing

Freshwater Fishing



It's your trip, make it what YOU want! 

Saltwater Fishing



Decisions… Decisions...

Salmon, Halibut rinse repeat. Salmon, Halibut rinse repeat....

Rather than doing the same thing every day you can experience a much greater cross section of what the Southeast Alaskan wilderness really has to offer. 

Saltwater fishing, Freshwater fishing, Crabbing, Shrimping, Hiking, Kayaking, Whale watching, Bear viewing, Hot springs, Tidewater Glaciers. 

Do you want a fishing trip with a little bit of sightseeing or a sightseeing trip with a little bit of fishing? 

Every trip is uniquely tailored to your groups interests.

Saltwater fishing

The Sitka area is known for great saltwater fishing, living aboard the Huntress lets us get away from the crowds where you can see how good the fishing can really be! We can anchor in a quiet bay close to the fishing grounds to cut down on long run times every morning and since our trips are 5 days long we have the option of fishing the inside waters if the ocean is too rough to be fun.  Unlike the "mothership" operations the Huntress is set up to fish comfortably and effectively from the big boat. During your trip we will fish for salmon, halibut, rockfish, lingcod, shrimp and crab. King salmon and Sockeye are best early in the summer, by late July we have changed over to Silvers. Halibut, Rockfish and lingcod are good all season.


Freshwater Fishing

Southeast Alaska is home to some world class freshwater fishing, much of which is hardly ever touched due to it's remote nature. Cutthroats, Rainbows and Dolly Varden can be found throughout the season, Steelhead fishing is good in the spring giving way to Sockeye, followed by Chums, Pinks and finally Silvers in the fall. We supply fly rods, spinning rods, waders, guides and all the necessary tackle. If you've never caught a steelhead or a silver on light gear in the river then you are really missing out, if you have then I'm sure you are ready to do it again.



Sightseeing trips generally include halibut and salmon fishing, crabbing, shrimping, brown bear viewing, whale watching, hot springs, photography, black bear viewing, kayaking, hiking, beach combing, glaciers, seals, sea lions, sea otters, more eagles than you can shake a stick at, unbelievable scenery and a whole lot of relaxation. If you want to experience a little bit of everything that the Southeast Alaskan wilderness has to offer then this is the trip for you.