Whether you are a species collector that needs a particular bird or a hard core duck killer who wants to take a crack at some sea ducks Sitka is a great place to make it happen. We have a variety of birds that you probably don't see at the local duck club with good numbers of Harlequin, Oldsquaw, Barrow's Goldeneye, Whitewing and Surf Scoters, Bufflehead, Common and Redbreasted Mergansers, Mallards and the Vancouver subspecies of Canada Goose. The birds in this area experience very little hunting pressure which means that they decoy easily, usually coming in low and fast making for challenging shooting.    

You can either hunt sea ducks while you are here on a late season deer hunt, or if you are only interested in waterfowl we can day hunt from Sitka where we can find good numbers of all of the above mentioned species within thirty minutes of the dock. 

Lots of birds and very little pressure make for great seaduck hunting!