What is included

All of our hunts include meals,  lodging, trophy preparation and any additional activities such as  hunting Sea Ducks, fishing, crabbing, shrimping, etc...  

Not  included are licenses, tags, NRHPF ($150), float plane transport for August hunts, transportation to and from Sitka, alcohol, gratuity, and sales tax.

Getting  to Sitka is easier, faster, and less expensive than most of Alaska with Alaska Air providing direct service from Seattle 3 times a day. 

5 day August alpine deer hunt

2on1- $5000
1on1- $6500 

August combo 3 days alpine deer hunt, and 3 days lodge based fishing

 2on1 $6,000 

6 Day boat based hunt in November or December for deer and Ducks.

1on1- $6500 per person                                                
2on1- $5000 per person 

3 Day boat based Sea Duck Hunt

$2,100 per person, 2 person minimum 

5 Day Fishing/Sightseeing

3 clients-$5,650 per person

4 clients-$4,650 per person

5 clients-$4,450 per person

6 clients-$4,150 per person

5 Day Cast and Blast

Same price as Fishing/Sightseeing trips